Basics (V5R2M0+)

The BASICS1 service program provides basic procdures that should be included in the compiler or that are used frequently. The following topics are covered:

  • Managing messages (create, send, receive, retrieve)
  • Managing API error code (create error code, check for errors)
  • Strings (e.g. f_left(), f_right(), f_space(), f_lcase(), f_ucase(), f_wordwrap())
  • Assert (watches logical expressions, see C assert macro)
  • This (gets the name of the running procedure)
  • Managing objects (e.g. f_exist(), f_rtvObjD(), f_rtvMbrD())
  • Commands and Environment (z.B. f_execute(), f_setEnvVar(), f_getEnvVar())
  • Encoding (f_genUUID(), f_genMD5(), f_genSHA1())

The BASICS1 service program is part of a growing number of utilities and samples that are provided here.


(Changed: 06.11.2019)

Basisfunktionen V1.16.0
incl. several sample programs.

Note: External procedure names of f_rtvSysVal_char() and f_rtvSysVal_num() habe be renamed in v1.16.0 because of a typo.

Note: Procedures BasicMap_KeySet_* were renamed to BasicMap_newKeySet() and BasicKeySet_* in v1.14.

Note: Changed name of f_getDisplayMode() to Display_getMode() in BASICS1 v1.11.

Note: The BASICS1 V1.10 service program is not compatible with the previous versions. The procedure interface of f_crtUsrSpc has been slightly changed. Please recompile all dependant programs.

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