IFS-Procedures (V5R1M0+)

The IFS service programm provides procedures for accessing the IFS root file system. For example:

  • f_isIfsDir (checks, whether a directory exists or not)
  • f_isIfsFile (checks, whether a file exists or not)
  • f_rtvIfsFileFromPath (retrieves the file name from a given path name)
  • f_rtvIfsDirFromPath (retrieves the directory name from a given path name)
  • f_openIfsFile (opens a file for text mode)
  • f_closeIfsFile (closes a file)
  • f_writeIfsFile (writes data to a file)
  • f_readIfsFile (reads data from a file)
  • f_moveIfsFile (moves a given file into another directory)
  • f_renameIfsFile (renames a given file)
  • f_deleteIfsFile (deletes a given file)
  • f_getIfsFileSize (retrieves the size of a given file)
  • f_chgIfsFileSize (changes the size of a given file)
  • f_seekIfsFile (sets the read/write pointer to a new location)
  • f_readLineIfsFile (reads a line from a file)
  • f_writeLineIfsFile (writes a line to a file)
  • f_readIfsDir (traverses through a given IFS directory and otional sub directories)



(Changed: 03.03.2017)

IFS Procedures V1.9.5
incl. several sample programs.

Note: Length and name of field MBRD0100.srcFile had been changed with V1.5!

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