This page provides Freeware utilities, service programs and code samples for AS/400 programmers. Actually I should have called it “Feedback ware” since it is the better description why you can get all these utilities for free.

Your feedback is what I am asking for. Feedback is the motor that makes my utilities better. And better utilities make my daily work easier.

The utilities and code samples are provided and allowed to use under the terms of the  GNU General Public License.
(German translation)

Easy installation is ensured by Craig Rutledge´s XML installer. Every utility is provided as an XML document. Within the XML document are all source codes and creation commands that are needed to compile the utility. Also there is an installation guide and an installer program included. The installer program that I use is a sightly modified version of Craig´s installer. One of the differences is that my installer may ask for installation conditions such as “Select Language” or “Create sample programs”. Just key in one of the suggested values.

Installation is really simple, when you use the XmlPreview command. Just download the XmlPreview command first and install it on your AS/400.

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