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Freeware Links

The iSphere Project

iSphere Plug-in

Plug-in providing lots of extensions for RDi and WDSCi:

  • Message file editor
  • Binding directory editor
  • Compare/Merge editor
  • Fast search featur for source members
  • Fast search feature for message descriptions
  • Display spooled files as Text, PDF or HTML
  • Task Tags for the LPEX editor
  • RSE filter manager

Aaron Bartell - Mow your lawn

Very intersting site providing lots of information  and source code about RPG.

Craig Rutledge

Great utilities and AS/400 games!


Database Generation Utilities - AS/400 / iSeries Open Source free test environment tools and others

Scott Klement

A superb socket tutorial with sample code and on top a great FTP API service program.

Holger Scherer

Free AS/400 trial (German box) and lots of AS/400 security know how. Holger opened his AS/400 for a hacker competition. He almost won the game himself.

Müller und Stein Software

Open Source Java components and commercial applications.

Linoma Software

Surveyor. Freeware from Linoma Software.
A Java file editor.
(Free Single User License.)

Free AS400 - iSeries Software

Portal to very interesting AS/400 Freeware.


Very interesting Spanish site providing information about integrating XML, SOAP and Web Service in RPG. Use the ?#$*@%& link for automatic Google translation to English.

From AS/400 to IBM i

Very nice blog with interesting and good articles.

Informative Links

COMMON Deutschland

Worldwide AS/400 user group.
Section Germany.

COMMON Österreich

Worldwide AS/400 user group.
Section Austria.

Commercial Links

DV-Beratung Dieter Bender

Professional software development support.
(Java, SQL, RPG, ... )


Bradley V. Stone´s AS/400 Shareware, e-consulting and More!


Walker, Richer & Quinn.
Reflection for IBM terminal emulation.
(The best emulation, I know.)

Sanface Software

txt2pdf. Shareware from Sanface Software.
A Perl based text to PDF converter for the AS/400.

Vogelbusch GmbH

Software change management, test & quality assurance systems on iSeries and other platforms. Various iSeries utilities.

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